Specialist strategic thinking

Ensuring your catering is sympathetic to your venue, relevant and financially sustainable is crucial for success, which is why you could benefit from a specialist catering consultant to advise and support you. 

Whether it’s reviewing existing catering operations, advising on the launch of additional catering services, or assessing the feasibility of a new food and drink outlet, we offer a full range of strategic and business planning services, and over the years have helped clients such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Turner Contemporary, English Heritage and Cadw realise their commercial goals.  

Strategic planning for new catering operations 

Understanding the unique aspects of your opportunity will help us establish the parameters of scale, type, location and how best to manage. We’ll also provide information on market trends and local competition, so you’ll be able to assess the viability of a new venture. This strategy phase will you with everything you need to make informed decisions. 

Our strategic planning service includes:  

  • feasibility studies
  • market competition analysis
  • design briefs 
  • design strategies

Our comprehensive services will help determine the space you need; what type of catering you should be offering; management setup options; costs and potential profitability. 

If you decide to go ahead, our services also extend to design, operator tendering and implementation, we can deliver all aspects of the project for you.

Operational reviews for existing facilities 

If your catering facility isn’t delivering against expectations or meeting its financial goals, then it could be beneficial to conduct an operational review to help identify potential areas for improvement. The focus of our in-depth operational reviews is to ensure your catering is reaching its potential. Areas we evaluate include:

  • Operational efficiency
  • The customer journey
  • Scope of the offer
  • Design of the catering facility
  • Range and tariff
  • KPI review and cost issue identification
  • Staffing efficiency
  • Management policy
  • Financial performance
  • Contractual agreements
We will also take into account the broader goals of the venue, any local competition and market trends. This will allow us to provide you with a thorough assessment clearly outlining the improvements and efficiencies you can make.