Catering operator tendering management 

Finding the right operator to manage catering on your behalf is crucial if you want your catering operation to be a success. Get it wrong, and not only will you waste time and money, but it could also damage your reputation. 

Whether a strategic review of your business has identified you need a new caterer, a catering contract is coming up for renewal or you are creating a business from scratch, we can support you through the tendering process. 

With a track record of success helping organisations such as ZSL London Zoo, Warner Bros. Studios – the Making of Harry Potter, Colston Hall and Birmingham Botanical Gardens, you can be confident you’ll be in safe hands.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of the industry and working with a wide range of catering operators; from the largest to the smallest. The market is dynamic and ever changing – we are in constant contact with both the leading players and always working with regional specialists too.  

Comprehensive tendering services

Our expertise covers all aspects of the tender process which means we can help you as little or as much as you would like. 

And if you are a charitable body or public funded organisation where transparency is key, we can support OJEU compliant processes.  

At the outset though understand the scale of the operation and targeting the right type of operators is crucial.  

Key services we manage include: 

  • Pre-qualification selection process
  • Brief preparation and issue
  • Invitation to tender 
  • Site visits 
  • Dealing with operator questions and queries 
  • Commercial negotiations
  • Supporting mobilisation 


Once the operator has been chosen, we will finalise the commercial deal ensuring clear responsibilities are set out, provide support for any legal contractual work and then work with the operator during the agreed mobilisation period. 

Bespoke tendering solutions

While a contracted out option may be appropriate, if you want a more flexible catering solution which is sympathetic to the host venue, an in-house option is worth considering. We can work with you to ensure you have a more active management role and support the development of in-house management teams or partnership agreements. 

If you’re not sure which option is bescan t for your venue, we carry out a strategic review to look at operational efficiency, catering performance and management strengths and challenges to help you make an informed decision.